As a blogger for over 10 years I have always been intrigued by slang words that become so popular they end up being embedded in our everyday life as part of our society. Two words that really stick out in my opinion are "chive" and "chillax".
Chive (Chiving, the act of Chive) being defined as to act sexy, stupid and raucous for the attention of the opposite sex. Chillax (or Chillaxing, the act of Chillax) being defined as the ultimate state of chill and relaxation.

I am sure sooner or later they are going to come out with a chive photo sharing app concept. Hence, the name of this website. I mean it's the thing these days. Turning simple ideas into a mobile app.

And I have actually already found a really cool photo sharing app called Chillaxing. How cool is that idea?! Why didn't I think of that?
I love this app and think it is worth sharing with my fans:
The Chillaxing App

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